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Sometimes the hardest part of creating something new is finding the right inspiration to develop or translate your artistic vision. But what people often forget is that inspiration doesn’t have to come to you in some grandiose way—it can happen in the most unexpected places or mundane daily tasks. Find out how our creatives at French Paper find inspiration, and more excitingly, how a member of our creative community found inspiration for her DIY wedding invitations through a curated French Paper construction pack!

How a French Paper Creative Finds Inspiration

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is a good trip to a thrift store. As someone who draws a lot of my creative ideas from vintage designs, my favorite areas to explore are the vintage china and dish aisles. The colors and glazes, along with the different shapes and sizes fuel my creative juices. I’ll spend my time walking through the aisles silently mixing and matching color combinations and patterns, and taking pictures of whatever treasures catch my eye so that I can reference them for future projects. I then race home to my studio and begin my version of whatever inspired me during the shopping excursion.

How to Find Your Creative Inspiration

Whether you’re looking to create a new art piece or find the right colors for a special event, there are so many unique ways that inspiration can strike. Try out some of these methods:

  • Pull colors and patterns from home interiors you enjoy.
  • Explore your favorite store (in person or online) and make a collage of products and images that catch your eye.
  • Gather a few of your favorite photos and zoom in on unique colors and details in each image.
  • Grab your favorite book covers and experiment with combining their different colors and graphics.
  • Cut out various shapes in all your construction paper colors and challenge yourself to find unique color and pattern combinations.

French Paper-Inspired Retro Wedding Invitations

Sometimes it just takes a random construction pack while searching for wedding invitation paper to get your creative idea flowing! That’s what happened when Jenna found our French Paper Construction Sample Pack. While searching endlessly for the right DIY wedding invitation ideas and colors suited for her big day, Jenna said that she was so happy when she finally found the French Paper website and our Construction Collection of colors. "The colors couldn’t be more perfect 🧡💛🤎 it really made it so much more fun! It sounds silly, but the cardstocks we used played such an important role in the whole event, from the wedding through the reception!"  

Not only did Jenna use our cardstock to create her invitations, the colors also inspired many of the wedding details! Take a look at these gorgeous shots from her wedding:

French Paper Retro Wedding


Look closely at their Save-the-Date card; I can't even handle the grooviness of that photo!✌

This modern vintage wedding has it all: retro style, grooviness, and the perfect inspiration for the colors of the wedding: French Paper! Makes me want to put on my fancy roller skates and disco the night away! I bet that reception was a blast!

Thank you to @iamjennamari for using French Paper to craft these handmade paper wedding invitations, and sharing them in your ultimate retro-styled wedding photos on Instagram with @frenchpaperco.

Explore French Paper to Find Your Inspiration

Goes to show you that inspiration can strike you anytime or anywhere, even on! We'd love for you to share your creative inspirations or French Paper crafts with us on Instagram. 

If you need some help finding the right paper for your project, contact our team online or give us a call at 1-800-253-5952.

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