French Paper’s Pop-Tone collection is all about flavor. Think bright, in-your-face color that would fit in perfectly in the candy store. With 24 flavors to choose from, there’s a Pop-Tone color to suit every palette: Lemon Drop, Sour Apple, Cotton Candy. Just reading the names is enough to pick up the vibe!

It’s not all flash, either. You can get the eye-popping colors you love in every product we make! Pop-Tone cardstock is perfect for creating bold covers, packaging, and crafts. It’s our go-to collection when we need the perfect colored paper for art projects. We recommend pairing French Pop-Tone paper with a flashy envelope to create correspondence that stands out and sets itself apart. With so many options to play with, it’s like being a kid in a candy store.

Delicious colors, hundreds of color and weight combinations, at a price that is pretty sweet, too. Want to crank your colors up to 11? Check out our Glo-Tone collection for more hues that are bursting with energy. Contact us for help finding the right pieces of the puzzle for your next project!