Printed on French Paper: Amazing Disc Golf Art Posters

Hiestand Poster Two-Color, Grout Gray 100# Cover

Meet Michael, Little Devil Creative Co. Designer. They are the mastermind behind these static disc golf poster designs that are filled with motion. After being involved in the Wisconsin disc golf scene for 20 years, Michael had an eye for creating posters for different disc golf courses. Each poster was made unique to its location, highlighting its special characteristics.

Sandy Point poster is printed in three colors

Michael & What the Disc Golf Poster Project Means to Him

“Over the past year, I’ve been creating a series of original disc golf course travel posters; a concept I developed during the Covid lockdown, based on my combined passions for disc golf and poster design. I started with courses in my state of Wisconsin and have been quickly securing more poster projects for some of the biggest and best courses across the U.S. 

For the Wisconsin posters, I've partnered with Mike Batka, the owner of Glide Disc Golf in Madison, Wisconsin, to concept and sell those posters. Mike's years of experience and insights in the disc golf world have been invaluable to this project series, and the posters are better because of him.

My long-time printing partner, Screen Door Studio in Madison, Wisconsin handles all of the screen-printing. Ultimately, I’d like to create a poster for every course, but there are currently over 9,000 (and growing rapidly) across the United States. But I have high hopes and am very passionate about this project, so I’ll keep making them as long as people want them!”

Capital Springs poster is printed in three colors
Hiestand poster is printed in two colors

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