French Paper Takes on Flatstock 87 in Chicago

French Paper Takes on Flatstock 87 in Chicago

In July, French Paper was beyond excited to be a part of Flatstock 87 held at the Pitchfork Music Festival this year. Music performers, craftsmen with handmade items, and screen printers, with intricate gig posters, were all united in Union Park, Chicago. We appreciated meeting some of our French Paper fans, and it was an amazing opportunity to build personal connections with the people who embrace the beauty of paper and cardstock.

Flatstock was flooded with immense amounts of talent, and the majority of these artists expressed their creativity on French Paper. The range of different cardstock canvases included Orange Fizz Pop-Tone to Madero Beach Speckletone. Andy from Starman Press used Pink Patterned Mod-Tone for his Flatstock exclusive poster. Each individual showcased vibrant color palettes and detail-oriented prints that drew viewers in. 

 Pink Mod-Tone Cardstock

 Snail Mail Poster by: Andy Schmidt

Every poster had a different experience to offer. When speaking with artists, they will tell you French Paper provides a texture that allows the inks to be absorbed and easily manipulated.

A conversation with Dan Black From Landland

During our conversation with Dan Black from Landland, we inquired about his favorite attributes when it came to screen printing on French Paper. His response was, “When working with transparent inks, it picks up the natural properties of French Paper and ties the whole piece together. French Paper's toothy texture also holds the ink very well, giving it an organic feeling.”

As a paper company, we value hearing that artists enjoy the properties of French cardstock. We strive to maintain environment-friendly using organic materials in our collections like Speckletone and Kraft-Tone. Making sustainability a big factor in our process ensures every single piece of art is made to produce an experience for the intended audience. 

Flatstock was the perfect opportunity for French Paper to bond seamlessly with artists who chose our cardstock as their creative confidant. We valued being at Flatstock with our community. We extend our gratitude to API (American Poster Institute) and Flatstock organizer Fran for inviting us to this wonderful event! It was a pleasure hanging out with all the artists, and we hope to connect with more of you in the future.

Fran & French Selfie

A goodbye selfie with Fran & The French Crew

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