Patriotic Cupcake Toppers

Patriotic Cupcake Toppers

Fourth of July is right around the corner! Everyone loves to get creative with the desserts at the  big celebration. This American Flag Cupcake topper is just one of the ways to add the 'cherry on top'. Using the Krafted in the USA Pack !  to express the patriotic love for the American Dream.

In this crafty project, Electric Red, Pure White, and Nightshift Blue make up this beautiful cupcake topper! 


Want to recreate the Flag Cupcake Topper? Keep on Reading to find out!

How to Make an American Flag Cupcake Topper


-Krafted In the USA Pack 

-Hot Glue Gun/ Adhesive of your choice

-Sustainable Disposable Eco Straws

-Weeding Tool (to poke out the stars from the cuts)

-Flag Cutout Template

-Cricut Maker/Cricut Explore Air


1. Gather your Cricut because it comes handy for this project!

2. Open the Flag Cutout Template (It is a free Cricut Template)

3. The template makes only one flag at a time, but you can customize the project to duplicate it to make multiple at a time.


4. The first layer consists of the shade Pure White (3 inches x1.8 inches) Since all paper included in the pack is 100# Cover, the best setting to have your Maker/Explore at "Heavy Cardstock - 100 lb (270 gsm)", Pressure: More
5. The next layer to cut out is the Electric Red which for this cut, it is best to keep it at the same settings as the Pure White cut.
5.Nightshift blue is the layer with the blue rectangle where the stars go. It is also best to keep it at the same settings as the Pure White cut.
6. When you have those all cut out. Layer 'Pure White' at the bottom, Electric Red next, and Nightshift blue on top to align with the stars. You may need to take a weeding tool and poke out the stars.
7.  After you position the layers, hot glue the corners of each layer to stick them together. 
8. Then cut the disposable eco straws to about 2 inches long.
9.Place hot glue on the straw and place it on the back of the flag. TA-DA! 
10. Repeat steps 4-9 if you wish to make more!

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