Printed On French: 11 Zines One Year w/ Samson & Press

Printed On French: 11 Zines One Year w/ Samson & Press

When it comes to discovering what the zine community is, you’ll find it is a diverse and vibrant space that celebrates independent publishing, creativity, and alternative forms of communication. 

The community is a subculture of independent publishers and readers who create and consume self-published, DIY, and often small-circulation magazines or booklets called "zines (Zi-in)." The word "zine" is short for "magazine" or "fanzine" and typically refers to a non-commercial, self-published publication produced by an individual or a small group of people.

Cameron Asgarian, the man behind Samson & Press has turned French Paper into a fantastic collection of 11 different zines. Each one showcases different illustrative styles and personalities.  All of it was done in one year.

Building the series with French Paper: 

Getting started Asgarian claims, “French Paper was the catalyst for Samson & Press.” The concept of the Zine was built off the idea of record reviews for bands that do not exist, which was then converted into short story form. Asgarian knew he wanted to do something with these short stories, and that’s when French Paper came into play. 

To bring the world of storytelling and illustration to life, the zines required a home. That home was found in French Paper, utilizing the risograph printing method. Each of the 11 zines featured different papers to suit the personality of the content within. Each shade of the paper was picked out based on textures, appearance, and the feeling you get when you hold it. Each zine had a goal to make someone who experiences the zine say, “Wow, this is really amazing.” That is exactly what Samson & Press accomplishes with this series.

With each turn of the page, readers were transported to unique worlds, guided by amazing storytelling and beautiful illustration done by worldwide artists. The carefully selected papers added another layer of sensory experience, inviting readers to immerse themselves fully in the zines' narratives.

Samson & Press accomplished something extraordinary through collaborative efforts between worldwide artists, a local risograph printer, and a storyteller. In the span of just one year, 11 zines, 11 shades of French Paper, 11 artists, 1 storyteller, and a printer all came together to build a creative collaborative community.

Check out Samson & Press here:
Read | Samson & Press (

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List of Zines w/ French Paper Used: 

James Frances: Insulation Pink Construction & Butcher Off-White Dur-o-Tone

Seption & Galacius V: Relic Gold Parchtone

 Chores & Errands: Madero Beach Speckletone & Storm Parchtone

Wayne Scott: Starch White Speckletone

Camadoön: Green Tea Parchtone

EoK: Pure White Construction

Spies of Zeus: Standard White Kraft-Tone

Midday Overcast: Ledger Green Kraft Kraft-Tone

The Conditioner: Butcher Extra Blue Dur-o-Tone

Roonkier Trees: Paper Bag Kraft Kraft-Tone

We Were Sad: Banana Split Pop-Tone





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  • Shannon McCarthy

    Awesome project, French makes it pop ever more! Would adore a set of these zines for our resource library at Eastern Kentucky University to help inspire design students in their art, design and paper choices. 🌞

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