Printed on French Paper: Plastic Flame Press

Printed on French Paper: Plastic Flame Press

Meet the Artist behind Plastic Flame Press

Hi, my name is Christopher Williams, I've been a gigposter artist/printer for almost 20 years now. Since coming across French courtesy of artists on the now defunct Gigposters dot com, I've pretty much exclusively used it, now having printed somewhere between 500-1000 gigposters on various cover weights. A couple of years ago I started making zines and graphic novels and have been using the text weights to digitally print the zines.

Williams’ Favorite Prints

                Calexico Show Poster   Kurt Vile Poster

Several years ago I started doing process prints, rather than spot color, and it changed the way I approached my printmaking. One of my most recent posters, for a Calexico show is probably the one I'm proudest one, having worked for a while to dial in the proper dot sizing and registration, with a Kurt Vile print from 2018 being a close second.


During the pandemic, I pushed myself in a few different directions and tried experimenting a bit more with the time I had on my hands. I was happy with most of the results.

A Roy Lichenstein riff 'Drowning Thing'

 You can also check out one of a kind, handmade collections of old prints being some of the highlights. 

What Inspires Williams

On the inspiration front, I try to make art that will make some sort of connection. Not just between me and the viewer, but, for gigposters, between the viewer and a particular moment/night in their life, and for comics, to make the reader feel more connected to the world. I want someone to tear a poster down and take it home to have an artifact from a show that meant a lot to them, and I want readers of my comics to know they aren't alone in the world. For the gigposter work, I'll pull from anywhere, photos I've taken on walks, lyrics, and friends' interpretations of songs, and try to find a way to make that intriguing from 20 feet away.


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