Meet Malaika - Summer Marketing Intern

Meet Malaika - Summer Marketing Intern

Hello Everyone! My name is Malaika, and I am currently interning at French Paper Company for the summer. I am thrilled about all the adventures Kristi and I are bound to take. We have so many fun things in store. I can not wait to execute these ideas and share them with all of you this summer.

Picture of me on Graduation Day

In my free time, I enjoy working in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Photography. Being from a small town in Michigan, art is the one thing that seems to bring all the small towns together.  Each little town in our county has an opportunity for art to be shared and expressed. I enjoy them through farmer’s markets, local art centers, and our county fair. I am huge competitor in the Berrien County Youth Fair, and have received quite a few awards for it.


County Fair Ribbons & I

During my last year of high school, I took a deep nose dive into sports photography. I mainly focused on Football and Volleyball. We used the photos for Graphic Design projects and the yearbook. I partnered with another designer to create homecoming highlight videos for our school's social media. For my personal brand, I started working on Malwavy Art, selling handmade products like stickers and t-shirts. Due to senior activities (aka senioritis), I put the shop on hold. Currently, I am now working on rebranding the whole consumer experience.

My Favorite Football & Volleyball Shots

Besides art, I compete in pageants and enjoy catching rays at the beach with friends. I am currently Second Runner-Up to Niles and plan to acquire more titles in the future! When it comes to downtime, I love hitting the beach towns and finding my next spark of inspiration for a new art piece.

The night I won Second Runner-Up

Being a fresh high school graduate, I plan to attend Lake Michigan College this fall to gain an Associate's in Graphic Design. After Lake Michigan College, I dream of attending  Grand Valley State University for a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. While in college, I hope to build a more cohesive design brand than during the last two years of high school. I dream of a storefront to highlight my work and other local artists. 

While I enjoy my time at French Paper Company, I am excited to create projects to build my portfolio. With the opportunity I have been given, I full-heartedly know that I will learn a lot during my time here.

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