Take a Hike with a Mountain Trail-Inspired Shadow Box

Mountain Trail Shadowbox using Five Colors

Looking to add another great adventure to your summer? Try out this Cricut mountain design and add some paper art to your home! Our paper Mountain Trail Specialty Pack includes all the warm tones you need to create a peaceful mountain trail sunrise. Follow these steps and learn how to make a layered shadow box with a Cricut.

How to Make a Shadowbox with a Cricut

Materials needed:

Instructions to Make Your Paper Mountain Shadow Box

Get your Cricut ready and open the Mountain Trail shadowbox template—it’s time to make your DIY paper-cut shadowbox!

Cricut Settings

  • Heavy Cardstock – 100 lb. (270 gsm)
  • Pressure: More

Final Paper Layer Order

  1. Fuse Green (12 inches x 12 inches)
  2. Steel Gray (12 inches x 12 inches)
  3. Safety Orange (12 inches x 12 inches)
  4. Factory Green (12 inches x 12 inches)
  5. Timber (12 inches x 12 inches)

Paper Layer Loading Order

To make your mountain paper art design appear in the final cut order, load your paper into the shadow box in the opposite order. Cut all your paper pieces first using the Cricut template, lay them out in the order listed above, then follow these steps to start layering:

 1. Load in the fifth layer (Timber).

2. Load in Factory Green next to begin shaping the front-most range of mountains.

3. Next, load in Safety Orange for your next layer of mountains.


4. Then, load in Steel Gray for that final backmost layer of mountains to complete the shadow effect.

5. Finally, load in your last layer: Fuse Green—the rising sun coming up over the mountain range!

And voila! Just like that, you have made a beautiful paper mountain trail scene. This sleek paper design will stand out on your wall or make a great handmade gift for someone special. And who knows, maybe next time you can make paper art together!

Keep Crafting with French Paper

Now that you’re a paper art expert, you can tackle even more projects with nearly endless craft paper options from French Paper. Need some help with your design? Contact our team online, or call 1-800-253-5952.

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