Book Printing Paper

Book Printing Paper


    Book paper impacts not only the quality and consistency of publishing projects but choosing the perfect paper can help create a more rich and immersive reading experience. As a trusted book paper supplier to bespoke publishers, French Paper knows our customers have something worth saying. Put your work on pages that meet our book printing paper quality standards; if Lucretius’ pages lasted 800 years, yours will last a millennium.

    What is Book Paper?

    Book paper, also known as book publishing paper, encompasses papers of many different treatments, weights, and finishes, but most book papers share a few characteristics. Book paper is traditionally designed to absorb ink efficiently, is often off-white in color, and may be available in coated or uncoated finishes, depending on your needs. Publishers often need to factor in paper size for book printing to meet text page requirements and the book’s final dimensions.

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