Brochure Paper

You can say a lot with quality brochure paper by French Paper. Brochure stock is thicker than standard printer paper for a heavy, hearty feel and durability that makes it pleasing to slip into a pocket or tack up on a wall. Nothing grabs attention like a colorful and shiny brochure paper featuring an effective design.

When you’re making a document or crafts that you want people to hold onto, go thick. Heavier paper weight improves text legibility, and the piece will fold well without unnecessary creasing. Thick, smooth paper also reduces the risk of ink bleed. Plus, our brochure paper is just about as sustainable as it gets.

What paper is best for brochures? Glossy brochure paper makes images and colors pop, while some people find matte brochure paper easier to read. Depending on your needs, combining different sizes, weights, and colors can offer a unique aesthetic for your brochure projects