Butcher Orange, Dur-O-Tone Collection



    Based on the everyday utilitarian newsprint paper that made America great, French Dur-O-Tone paper offers customers an honest, hardworking alternative to overly-slick coated sheets. Dur-O-Tone paper delivers consistent results and pulls its own weight (no matter which weight you're using). So ask yourself, do you want a sheet that's working hard, or one that's hardly working?

    Inspired by timeless plain newsprint paper sheets, our Dur-O-Tone collection is a fresh take on craft butcher paper suitable for a wide range of applications. Think of it as a tougher, improved newsprint paper or an upgraded version of its close cousin, deli butcher paper. Our line of artisan-grade Dur-O-Tone paper is tough enough to last and yet so beautiful, it’s bound to inspire your next project. Text and cover weights are available in a range of neutrals, oranges and blues. Dur-O-Tone envelopes are also available.