Olive Cardstock, Hemptone Collection



    Hemp Paper Products

    Hemp paper isn’t just sustainable, it’s beautiful. For crafters looking to reduce, reuse, and create using more environmentally friendly paper products, Hemptone balances natural fibers with the innovative use of recycled materials.

    Hemptone combines 15% hemp pulp paper fibers with recycled wood pulp fibers to manufacture smooth and sustainable paper. It’s our little way of using a centuries-old organic material to meet the needs of modern printers and hemp craft paper enthusiasts alike.

    Is hemp paper better? Hemp paper products don’t require many of the chemicals associated with wood pulp paper products. Hemp paper can be recycled more times than wood pulp paper can. And hemp harvested for paper manufacturing can be regrown in as little as four months, while re-growing trees often takes twenty years or more. So in some important ways, we believe hemp paper really is better.

    Learn more about French Paper’s commitment to the environment.