Weighing in at a hefty 125 lbs., Muscletone is French Paper’s heavyweight champ. Unlike laminated cardstock, these thick, solid sheets mean there's no glue to dissolve on press or layers to peel, warp, or crack during scoring. With no white edges, our premium color sheets are ideal for covers, business cards, boxes, and packaging paper. Muscletone not only pummels other papers on press, but it also beats them on price.

    The French Paper Muscletone collection is the heavy (cardstock) champion of the world at 18 pt. single-ply. Choose the best color for your project from ten contenders and toss Muscletone into the world of covers, table tents, or any application where paper needs to take a punch.

    Choose cardstock that can go the distance, round after round. Muscletone heavy cardstock paper outperforms laminated sheets that peel, crack, and warp.

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