Speckletone Paper



    All rise for the elegant Royaltone collection. This handsome linen embossed cardstock comes in an assortment of regal colors. Ideal for presentation covers, pocket folders and greeting cards, the oh-so-posh Royaltone serves as a coat of arms for print and craft projects with a certain air of importance.

    It’s the sort of heavy linen paper that you’d expect royal pronouncements to be written on, but it will work well for your next presentation, too. Royaltone is all about lending a subtle, stately felt or linen pattern to the paper pieces you need to do the talking for you. Lend an aristocratic sophistication to greeting cards, correspondence and document covers with just the right color linen paper for a quietly imperial impression.

    Royaltone linen paper delivers a regal elegance to every application. Make your next statement with stately linen cover paper that speaks volumes. Go forth with Royaltone.

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