Screen Printing Paper

Screen Printing Paper


    Screen printing paper needs to be versatile, tough, and absorb ink without altering or bleeding color. Good screen printing paper can make a design great and that’s why quality matters. We’ve curated a selection of French Paper products that live up to the demands of creating beautiful posters, works of art, and special crafting projects.

    What kind of paper do you use for screen printing? There isn’t a perfect option for all applications, but good screen printing paper choices share some common characteristics.

    • Layers of color. The paper must be able to hold ink on its surface consistently. Absorbing some layers of color may result in varying color expressions.
    • Weight. Heavier weight papers offer a more stable surface for multiple layers of ink without the medium warping.
    • Texture. Smooth screen printing paper produces a crisp image and expresses more of your artistic detail than textured surfaces. However, textured paper can contribute an interesting look to your project and may play a role in your design. Experiment with how different textures affect your vision.

    For all your screen printing paper supplies, French has you covered. Check out our resources about selecting the right paper or let us know if you can help you choose.