Modero, Speckletone Collection



    French Paper created the Speckletone collection way back in 1955. It was the first-ever recycled sheet with flecks and shives to excite designers and their clients. Over the years, we’ve inspired a few imitators who attempted to replicate Speckletone's incredibly rugged good looks. But they can't copy the genuine small-town USA character that goes into every sheet of our beloved flecked paper. More than 50 years later, French Speckletone remains unrivaled in terms of quality and performance.

    You can see and feel the quality and care that goes into every sheet of French Paper Speckletone. Speckled paper texture adds that little something to catch your clients’ eye; for example, gold speckled paper communicates a timeless elegance that anyone can appreciate.

    Available in envelopes, as well as cover and text weights, there’s an earthy and inspiring Speckletone cardstock and paper to perfectly elevate your next project!

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