French Paper Envelopes with forever stamps applied

Stationery Paper and Envelopes


    We create products for those who haven’t lost touch with the tangible. The feel of putting pen or brush to paper is a thrill as rich as opening a letter from a friend. Our high-quality stationery paper and envelopes provide the analog tools to reserve one small slice of modern communication from digitalization.

    What Is Stationery?

    Stationery describes high-quality writing paper for letters, notes, and recording the world around us. Often sold in sets of blank stationery cards and envelopes, this type of paper is designed to absorb ink efficiently without bleeding or blotting. Fine stationery paper is also brilliant in its own right, with just the right color and texture to inspire your conversation.

    Have fun browsing our collections! We encourage you to mix and match our many colors, textures, and patterns to create your personalized stationery set. We’re proud to make all our products sustainably. Put pen to paper knowing your work is only adding creativity to the world, not carbon emissions.

    What will you say with French Paper stationery?