Glossary - Paper Weights & Grades - Paper Weights


High-quality writing paper historically used for printing bonds and legal documents. Bond papers are made to withstand handling and filing; the principal requirements are strength and durability. Bond paper may be made from cotton or wood pulp and is the primary grade used for office & school copiers.


General term for cardstock made for stiffness, unlike cover paper, which is made to fold. Bristols are 0.006" or greater in thickness and are used for indexing, art prints and painting, postcards, covers, etc.  


Heavyweight, fine-quality coated and uncoated printing papers made with good folding characteristics. Cover papers are used for the covers of brochures and catalogs and also for such products as folders, brochures, cards, posters and menus.


High-quality uncoated printing papers made in a wide variety of colors and textures. Text weights are primarily for the inside pages of books, brochures and catalogs. Text is usually made with a matching cover.