Giving me butterflies : Butterfly Graditude Card

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Ever want to let your friend know how much you really appreciate them? Life is gets busy, especially when you are constantly on the go. Sometimes you truly forget the people around you. That is why cardmaking is one of the perfect ways to show someone you care. It's way of being creative and sincere with your own personal touch.

  So what inspired this card? Nature, it was the thought of how butterflies resemble change. This summer has been truly full of it. Everyone goes through it, and change can really be a beautiful thing. It inspires new journeys, ideas, and concepts. Just like this card. It was made using shades of violet from the Plum Crazy Specialty Pack, and Chipboard for the base of the card.

If you would love to create a butterfly cutout, or to use the design beauty.

Click here for the Cricut cutout!

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