How to Make a Present Box Out of Paper

Present boxes made with French Paper

You don't need to be a gifted artist or have fancy supplies to make a beautiful present paper gift box. In fact, all you need is a sheet of construction paper and a pair of scissors. With just a little folding, you can create a simple yet elegant paper present box perfect for holding small gifts, jewelry, trinkets, or even candy.

How to Make a Paper Present Box: Step by Step

Follow these steps to create the top of the box:

  1. Start with a sheet of construction paper cut into a square.
  2. The size of your paper will depend on the size of the box you’d like to make. An 8.26-inch by 8.26-inch piece of paper makes roughly a 2-inch-tall box.
  3. Fold the paper in half to form a triangle shape. Unfold it and fold it in half in the opposite direction so four equal triangles are creased into your square paper.
  4. Laying the square flat, fold each creased point into the center, making firm creases with your thumb on the long edges. Now, you have a smaller square shape with four equal triangles folded on top.
  5. Next, fold the square into thirds. Fold the bottom half of the paper so it’s a little past the center mark, creasing firmly with your thumb.
  6. Repeat this process on all four sides until your small square has three rows with three boxes, each creased into it when lying flat.
  7. Pick a corner and pinch the sides into the center of the page using the existing creases to guide them to stand on their own. Repeat this on all four corners.
  8. Lying the small square shape flat again, unfold two parallel sides so that you have two triangles folded out in a single layer and two triangles folded in over your small square.
  9. Then, fold the flat edge of one of the folded triangles into a third again. Repeat this on the opposite side (the parallel flat edge).
  10. Picking up the paper, connect the two parallel folds on the folded-out triangle with their perpendicular sides. Tuck them together to form a side. You’ll start to see the small box shape take form in the center.
  11. Fold the remaining paper over the third side you just created. A small triangle will tuck into the center of the soon-to-be bottom of your box. Repeat this on the other side to form the fourth side of your box top.

        Complete the same process with an 8-in by 8-in square of paper to create the bottom of the paper box. Once complete, the top should gently slide over the bottom piece. And voila, you have a DIY paper present box!

        Make Your Paper Gift Box Sturdier

        If you want your box to be extra sturdy, there are a few things you can try. If you don’t have thick construction paper or cardstock, you can glue two sheets together and follow the above method. To reinforce the bottom so it will hold the weight of a dense item, glue a small square of cardboard into the bottom of the box.

        If your box still isn't as sturdy as you'd like it to be, you can reinforce it by running a bead of glue along the seams. Be careful not to glue the lid shut!

        Picking the Right Color for Your Present Box

        The easiest way to spruce up your handmade parcel is with the correct color papers. You can choose any color combination. From bright colors to traditional holiday reds and greens, the options are only limited by your imagination.

        Decorating Your Paper Giftbox

        Once your box is complete, decorate it however you like. You could wrap it with ribbon or glue on buttons, beads, glitter, or sequins. You could even paint it or cover it with wrapping paper. The sky's the limit!

        If you want to make your box more festive, you could add a paper bow using:

        • Two strips of construction paper 0.6 inches wide by 6 inches long.
        • Two strips of construction paper 0.6 inches wide by 4 inches long.

        How to Make a Paper Bow

        Start by creasing the longer paper bow strips over the box top. Add glue and connect the strips to the box top firmly but gently. Repeat with the second strip running in the opposite direction to make an X on the top of the box.

        Next, fold the shorter strips of construction paper in half to crease in the center, then unfold and add a dab of glue to either end. Using your center crease as a guideline, line up one glued tip with the edge of the crease. Repeat this on both sides. Press the glued tips firmly into the center of the paper strip until the glue is stabilized.

        Repeat the process with the second strip of paper. You’ll have two figure 8 loops. Add some glue to the center of the X you made on the top of your box, and add your looped paper, one at a time, on top of each other. Make sure to place these strips in the opposite direction of your X to help give it dimension.

        Find The Right Present Paper at French Paper

        A present box made of paper is a craft project that's fun for people of all ages. So next time you give someone a small gift, why not try making them their special present box? They'll be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness (and they might even ask you for instructions so they can make one themselves!).

        Are you still looking for the perfect paper for your project? Check out French Paper’s collections.

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