Black Cardstock (Hemptone, Cover Weight)
Black Cardstock (Hemptone, Cover Weight)
Black Cardstock (Hemptone, Cover Weight)

Black Cardstock (Hemptone, Cover Weight)

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Black cardstock from our Hemptone collection includes a semi-smooth sheet with surface inclusions and is loved for its blend of 15% hemp fibers, 30% post-consumer waste, and 100% recycled content. Hemp paper can be recycled more times than wood pulp paper can, and hemp harvested for paper manufacturing can be regrown in as little as four months (re-growing trees often takes twenty years or more). So, is hemp paper better? We tend to think so.

Hemptone cardstock is just what the doctor ordered if you're looking for sturdy but versatile cardstock. For crafters looking to reduce, reuse, and create using more environmentally friendly paper products, Hemptone balances natural fibers with the innovative use of recycled materials.

While many have attempted to replicate our character, only French Paper offers the genuine article. And we express our hardworking American grit with every sheet of Black Hemptone cardstock.

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