White cardstock with a hint of blue-green.
Sage Cardstock (Parchtone, Cover Weight)
Sage Cardstock (Parchtone, Cover Weight)
Sage Cardstock (Parchtone, Cover Weight)

Sage Cardstock (Parchtone, Cover Weight)

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Sage cardstock from our Parchtone collection delivers an irregular surface appearance simulating natural parchment. It delivers a soft finish and outdoorsy color, providing a natural setting for your wildest projects. Parchtone cardstock aligns with our philosophy that we can make beautiful things sustainably.

If you’re searching for vegan parchment cardstock, you’ve found the original. No animals were harmed in the creation of this subtly stunning, tactile, and versatile cover weight paper. Parchtone cardstock is the perfect option if you're looking for cardstock paper with personality.

We developed Parchtone cardstock way back in 1949, when it became the first 100% animal-free printable parchment paper on the planet. Plus, all French Paper products are manufactured using sustainable hydroelectric power. And we express our 150-year history of excellence with every sheet of Sage cardstock.

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